HELP, I am not getting emails from clubassist and/or my team MOMS?

#1 Reason you may not be getting emails?
Your profile does not have all the emails in it that you want.

#2 Reason you may not be getting emails?
Your email in your profile has a typo in it.

#3 Ok, so 1 & 2 are accurate, but I'm still not getting emails?
Check your SPAM folder....many a SPAM has emails from club assist in them til you accept it the first time!

#4 Still no emails or worse, you got a few and now none????
So you have checked 1, 2 & 3 and they all checked out but you still aren't getting emails...super frustrating!

My last suggestion before heading off to the genius bar is that you accidentally hit "un-subscribe" or "junk" after an email from clubassist, you must fix that per your specific emails protocol (getting out of blocked is different for all email providers) AND log in to your child's Trojan account and deselect the "don't use" box that was most likely triggered when you hit un-subscribe.